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Gene Review

frdD  -  fumarate reductase (anaerobic), membrane...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK4147, JW4112
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Disease relevance of frdD


High impact information on frdD

  • In contrast to Escherichia coli which expresses ampC constitutively from a promoter located in the upstream frdD gene, E. cloacae displays inducible ampC expression [2].
  • Plasmids carrying cloned segments of the frd operon of Escherichia coli have been used in genetic complementation studies to identify two independent mutants defective in the frdD gene, which encodes the hydrophobic FrdD polypeptide of the fumarate reductase complex [3].
  • Introduction into E. coli MI1443 of the frdABC and frdD genes on two separate plasmid vectors failed to restore anaerobic growth on glycerol and fumarate [4].
  • S1 nuclease analysis revealed that the frd mRNA terminates in a uridine-rich region centered at 46 bases after the last codon of frdD [5].
  • Truncation of the C-terminal domain of FrdD by insertion of transposon Tn5 into the frdD cistron interfered with membrane insertion of the anchor polypeptides and assembly of the holoenzyme [6].

Other interactions of frdD

  • These proteins resemble in size and composition, but not sequence, the membrane anchor proteins of fumarate reductase (the frdC and frdD gene products) [7].


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