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Gene Review

sufA  -  Fe-S cluster assembly protein

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK1680, JW1674, ydiC
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Disease relevance of sufA

  • A promoter (sufAp), inducible by various oxidants, directs transcription of the sufABCDSE operon encoding an alternative Fe-S cluster assembly system in Escherichia coli [1].

High impact information on sufA

  • When equal amounts of IscA and IscU are incubated with an equivalent amount of ferrous iron in the presence of IscS, l-cysteine and dithiothreitol, iron-sulfur clusters are assembled in IscU, but not in IscA, suggesting that IscU is a preferred iron-sulfur cluster assembly scaffold protein [2].
  • These results support a model that IscR in its demetallated form directly activates sufA transcription, while it de-represses isc operon, under oxidative stress condition [3].
  • Three cis-acting oxidant-responsive elements (ORE-I, II, III) in the upstream of the sufA promoter serve as the binding sites for OxyR, IHF and an uncharacterized factor respectively [3].
  • Superoxide generators and H2O2 induced expression of sufA-lacZ even in DeltasoxRS and DeltaoxyR mutants, suggesting participation of an additional regulator(s) in oxidant induction of the sufA operon [1].

Biological context of sufA


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