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Psychology, Experimental

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High impact information on Psychology, Experimental

  • It has been argued that this test includes multiple separate processing components (Postma, A., De Haan, E.H.F., 1996. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 48A (1), 178-199; Postma, A., Izendoorn, R., De Haan, E.H.F., 1998. Brain and Cognition 36, 334-345) [1].
  • A classical task of experimental psychology, the retention of lists of words, was given twice to three groups of subjects treated with lysine vasopressin (LVP), oxytocin or saline [2].
  • Experimental psychology is a rich resource of sensitive behavioral techniques by which to measure hypothetical constructs associated with the motivation to drink ethanol [3].
  • Recently, Leder and Bruce (2000, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology A 53 513-536) argued that configural information in face processing consists at least partly of locally processed relations between facial elements [4].
  • Classic tasks of experimental psychology, introspective and electrophysiological measures were applied in twelve sessions after randomized intake of vasopressin or a placebo [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Psychology, Experimental

  • Zanone and Kelso (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 23 (1997) 1454) predicted differential learning progressions as a result of initial ability [6].

Gene context of Psychology, Experimental


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