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Chemical Compound Review

Diapid     (2S)-1- [[(4S,7S,10S,13S,16S,19S)-19- amino...

Synonyms: Lysipressin, Lysopressin, Syntopressin, Lysine-ADH, L-lysinamide,, ...
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Disease relevance of LYPRESSIN

  • Despite the absence of an increase in ACTH following LVP administration in dogs with hyperadrenocorticism due to an adrenocortical tumor, there was a significant increase in plasma cortisol, the increment (790 +/- 238 nmol/l) being not statistically different from that in the control dogs (412 +/- 37 nmol/l) [1].
  • At menstruation, during recording of intrauterine pressure (18 recording sessions in 11 women), intravenous infusion of lysine vasopressin (LVP, 1 ng/min/kg/body weight) induced an increase of the uterine activity and dysmenorrhoea-like symptoms [2].
  • Treatment with LVP reduced natural photophobia and modified the activity [3].
  • Hemorrhage (30 ml/kg) increased plasma LVP from 2.8 +/- 0.8 to 163.4 +/- 28.1 (20 min) and 135.1 +/- 18.5 microU/ml (60 min) [4].
  • AVP significantly prevented (P < 0.01) MgCl2 (1M) induced cerebral ischemia as compared to lysine Vasopressin (LVP) which was less effective (P < 0.05) [5].

Psychiatry related information on LYPRESSIN


High impact information on LYPRESSIN

  • These fractions contained a single population of specific 3H-labeled [8-lysine]vasopressin [( 3H]vasopressin) binding sites with a dissociation of constant (Kd) of 8 +/- 2 X 10(-9) M and maximal binding capacity of 244 +/- 45 fmol/mg of protein [8].
  • Solubilization of the [8-lysine]vasopressin receptor and adenylate cyclase from pig kidney plasma membranes [9].
  • The ACTH secretion by corticotropic cells in pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism was relatively less sensitive to stimulation with CRH than with LVP [1].
  • Because mesotocin and arginine vasopressin have been identified in three other Australian marsupial families, it is assumed that a duplication of each ancestral gene occurred in Peramelidae and subsequent mutations in one copy led to the additional oxytocin and lysipressin [10].
  • Two pressor peptides, lysipressin and vasopressin for American species, lysipressin and phenylpressin for Australian macropods, have been identified in individual glands and it is assumed that the primordial vasopressin gene has been duplicated in these lineages [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of LYPRESSIN


Biological context of LYPRESSIN


Anatomical context of LYPRESSIN

  • Anti-vasopressin plasmas produced intensive fluorescence of AVP-, LVP- and oxytocin-containing beads [13].
  • However, membranes prepared from cells preincubated with LVP in the presence of monensin did not show a decrease in [3H]LVP binding [14].
  • A study of the effects of 8-lysine vasopressin (LVP) and its long-acting analogue N-a-triglycyl-8-lysine vasopressin (TGVP) on the myometrium and vasculature of the normal human nonpregnant uterus was undertaken [15].
  • The presence of both LVP- and AVP-like peptides in the pig testis may mean that more than one gene is involved [16].
  • They also suggest that LPS may influence the activity of genes controlling LVP synthesis in the hypothalamus and PG production by the brain vasculature [17].

Associations of LYPRESSIN with other chemical compounds


Gene context of LYPRESSIN

  • In the normal subjects, the addition of LVP potentiated the secretion of adenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) induced by CRH, but had no significant effect on the secretion of other anterior pituitary hormones [21].
  • Without pre-incubation the anti-oxytocin plasmas produced intensive fluorescence on those beads containing their homologous antigen (oxytocin) but only slight fluorescence with the heterologous antigens (AVP or LVP) [13].
  • In dexamethasone-suppressed healthy volunteers, the serotonin4 (5-HT4) receptor agonist cisapride and lysine vasopressin [LVP, an analog of arginine vasopressin (AVP)] have no influence on plasma cortisol levels (PCL) [20].
  • Tyrosine and dopamine-beta-hydroxylase activities increased at the final period of LVP administration and after its withdrawal [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LYPRESSIN


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