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Tropical Medicine

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Disease relevance of Tropical Medicine


High impact information on Tropical Medicine

  • There are presently no formal Board or other requirements to practice Travel Medicine, but bona fide practitioners of this field, who also usually direct travel clinics, should at the least be well-trained and experienced in tropical medicine and medical aspects of travel, and have had considerable overseas work experience [4].
  • Charles Wilberforce Daniels, FRCP (1862-1927): underrated pioneer of tropical medicine [5].
  • The London School of Tropical Medicine, and indeed the 'new' discipline of tropical medicine, originated in 1899 at the Albert Dock Hospital - situated in London's east-end [6].
  • The feature of papers and citation analysis of eleven journals in tropical medicine indexed by Science Citation Index Expanded [7].
  • This presentation sets out the aims and methodology involved in creating a sophisticated teaching archive in tropical medicine based on the Wellcome Museum of Medical Science. This visual archive will take the form of a videodisc database containing 30,000 video stills combined with a limited amount of moving material [8].

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