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Gene Review

GLYS1  -  glycosuria 1, renal

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of GLYS1


Psychiatry related information on GLYS1


High impact information on GLYS1


Chemical compound and disease context of GLYS1


Biological context of GLYS1


Anatomical context of GLYS1


Associations of GLYS1 with chemical compounds

  • Epidemiologic study of abuse of analgesics containing phenacetin. Renal morbidity and mortality (1968-1979) [30].
  • 5. Renal ultrasound showed no correlation with VUR, and all DMSA scans but one were normal [31].
  • METHODS: Renal hemodynamics and tubular function were assessed by clearance techniques, before and after 100-microgram, 200-microgram, 400-microgram, or 800-microgram oral doses of misoprostol [32].
  • Letter; Renal failure and cephalothin [33].
  • CONCLUSIONS: (1) Renal functional reserve is absent in patients with early/asymptomatic HF and normal renal function and (2) both enalapril and losartan restore a normal vasodilatory response to AA in these patients without affecting basal systemic and renal hemodynamics [34].

Physical interactions of GLYS1

  • 4. Renal Mg2+ transport was similarly altered by hCT administration, without any evidence that prolonged CT inhibited renal Mg2+ transport [35].

Regulatory relationships of GLYS1


Other interactions of GLYS1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GLYS1


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