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Encephalitis Virus, Eastern Equine

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Disease relevance of Encephalitis Virus, Eastern Equine

  • Comparative analysis of structural virion polypeptides of 24 selected EEE virus strains, representing North and South American types, was performed by one-dimensional discontinuous sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis (PAGE) [1].
  • The structural proteins of different EEE virus isolates, resolved by this method, exhibited mol.wts. values in the range of 57-60 X 10(3) for (E-1), 51-54 X 10(3) for (E-2) and 35-38 X 10(3) daltons for the core (NP) nucleocapsid [1].

High impact information on Encephalitis Virus, Eastern Equine

  • Both the HMW protein and the E2 protein (doublet) of EEE virus appeared to contain, at least in part, high-mannose type N-linked oligosaccharides [2].
  • Transmembrane domains present in the EEE virus structural polyprotein have been identified and their functions discussed [3].
  • In view of these findings, we have examined the reactivity of sera from three individuals immunized with the EEE vaccine, derived from an NA isolate, with field strains of EEE virus [4].
  • This test also detected EEE virus in formalin-fixed avian brain [5].
  • Cross-reactive epitopes were localised within five different sites of glycoprotein E2 of VEE virus and within four sites of that of the EEE virus [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of Encephalitis Virus, Eastern Equine


Gene context of Encephalitis Virus, Eastern Equine

  • A highly conserved domain (C domain) forming alphavirus-group-reactive MAbs was identified in the E2 protein of the VEE and EEE viruses [8].


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