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Cost Sharing

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High impact information on Cost Sharing

  • Cost sharing is somewhat lower in self-insured PPO plans [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Large increases in medication cost-sharing were associated with immediate and persistent reductions in OH use [2].
  • Cost-sharing information was also obtained from Blue Cross. Physician supply data were obtained from The University of Iowa, Office of Community-Based Programs. Hospital data were reported by the Iowa Hospital Association. STUDY DESIGN [3].
  • Multivariate methods were used to relate OTC use (collected from bi-weekly health diaries) to cost sharing and demographic variables [4].
  • Using a representative sample of Pennsylvania Blue Shield children insureds during 1980, we estimate cost-sharing effects on dental demand for basic (diagnostic, preventive, restorative, endodontic, and extraction services) and orthodontic care [5].

Gene context of Cost Sharing

  • Letter: Comments on "Cost-sharing and prior authorization effects on Medicaid services in California. Part II" [6].
  • Participation of the NLTP in components of health sector reform, particularly decentralisation, integration, financing through cost-sharing and public/private mix, are highlighted [7].
  • Minimizing cost sharing for the CPAP device will reduce inequality and may increase CPAP treatment initiation [8].
  • FAH president favors a cost-sharing incentive health plan [9].
  • A cost-sharing system for the financing of the community assistants was introduced and a self-help committee of epilepsy patients and their families was founded [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cost Sharing


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