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Chemical Compound Review

Clark 1     chloro-diphenyl-arsane

Synonyms: Clark I, Sneezing gas, Blue cross, AG-G-78976, AC1Q3FJI, ...
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Disease relevance of chloro-diphenyl-arsane


Psychiatry related information on chloro-diphenyl-arsane

  • The authors analyzed 1975 data on the use of health and mental health services by the 2.3 million people covered by Michigan Blue Cross and Blue Shield [6].
  • Self-insured plans, although exempt from state-mandated benefits, were as likely to include alcohol and drug abuse coverage as Blue Cross and Blue Shield and commercial plans, and their specific benefits were no less generous [7].
  • DESIGN: Retrospective analysis of longitudinal administrative claims data from Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa. PARTICIPANTS: Subjects with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder (N=1,074), and controls (N=726,262) who filed at least 1 claim for medical services, 1996 to 2001 [8].

High impact information on chloro-diphenyl-arsane

  • Inpatient utilization and health care costs of employees and their families were studied for 11 employee groups covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the Minneapolis-St Paul area during the year before optional health maintenance organization (HMO) enrollment [9].
  • Trained in internal medicine and business administration, Winkenwerder came to the Defense Department after stints at Emory University and Blue Cross of Massachusetts [10].
  • The for-profit conversion of Empire Blue Cross in New York challenges the case law and conventional policy wisdom that financial assets from formerly nonprofit organizations should be used to endow independent charitable foundations [11].
  • Early (Clark I and Clark II) MM displayed nNOS staining most frequently, and all MM with an invasive radial growth phase expressed nNOS in the papillary dermis [12].
  • We have previously shown that several antioxidant compounds inhibit the proliferation of T lymphocytes stimulated with alloantigen (Chaudhri, G., Clark, I. A., Hunt, N. H., Cowden, W. B., and Ceredig, R., J. Immunol. 136, 2646, 1986) [13].

Biological context of chloro-diphenyl-arsane

  • The third phase developed methodology to analyze the current cost of obstetrics and nursery care, analyze the effects on the general services and ancillary departments if the maternity unit expanded or closed; compute the overall cost effects and analyze the impact on Blue Cross, Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement [14].
  • Recent cases such as National Gerimedical Hospital and Gerontology Center v. Blue Cross of Kansas City have found that certificate-of-need (CON) legislation did not intend to remove antitrust considerations [15].
  • The concentration for total inhibition of cell proliferation for the CWAs ranged from 0.3 micrograms/mL (Lewisite) to 15 micrograms/mL (Clark 1) [16].
  • In this paper, the regulations for third-party reimbursement by Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross for occupational therapy in home health care are explained, including the Medicare definition of homebound status and the requirement that treatment be restorative [17].

Anatomical context of chloro-diphenyl-arsane

  • METHODS: The study population included all hospitals that participated with the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii) Hospital Quality and Service Recognition Program and had more than 30 annual admissions for acute coronary artery disease [18].
  • Data on 194 TMJ surgical procedures was extracted from line item claims information collected by Trigon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Virginia. The frequency of arthroscopy increased during the study, while the incidence of arthrotomies remained relatively low [19].

Associations of chloro-diphenyl-arsane with other chemical compounds

  • That's not to say, however, that HIPAA hasn't generated benefits while also creating new challenges. "Standards made sense," says Tom Fitzpatrick, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's director of enterprise strategic planning, "but no one ever said it would be fast, cheap, or easy [20].
  • In 1988, the Southern Region of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida undertook a major initiative involving Health Options, Inc., its HMO subsidiary [21].
  • The 3 highest-scoring websites were Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (, U.S. National Library of Medicine (, and Healthvision ( [22].

Gene context of chloro-diphenyl-arsane

  • A population-based, retrospective analysis of Medicare Part A and Blue Cross hospital insurance claims data was used to determine whether hospice home care cost savings to third-party insurers are substantial and result from the substitution of less expensive home care visits for more costly hospital inpatient days [23].
  • Black and blue. Calif. systems, Blue Cross settle bruising contract disputes [24].
  • Columbia/HCA and Ohio Blue Cross: does the deal make strategic sense [25]?
  • Using an adaptation of discriminant analysis on a sample of 120 hospitals in the state of Alabama, this paper illuminates characteristics of hospitals closed due to financial failure under PPS and cost-based Blue Cross/Blue Shield reimbursement systems [26].
  • DRGs and pharmacy charges were analyzed using the ABC analysis for a cross section of hospitals represented in the Blue Cross of Central Ohio (BCCO) region and for Riverside Methodist Hospital (RMH) [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of chloro-diphenyl-arsane

  • To examine this possibility we studied the case mix, length of stay, and number of procedures for 65,032 patients listed as self-pay or free care, Blue Cross, or Medicaid at 52 hospitals in the Boston, Mass, area during 1983 [28].
  • METHODS: The authors surveyed the major commercial insurers, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, and a sample of Medicare intermediaries to evaluate the coverage of lung transplantation [29].
  • However, children in the prepaid plan, as compared with those in the more traditional Blue Cross plans, were more likely to receive general checkups and tuberculin skin tests in the prior year [30].
  • The early rise of Blue Cross is attributed to its success in addressing pressing social needs: helping patients afford the costs of hospitalization and helping hospitals meet expenses [31].
  • A retrospective study measured these increased expenses using administrative data from a large Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan in the USA [32].


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