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Psychiatry related information on Teleradiology


High impact information on Teleradiology

  • As a result, the radiological physicist can expect to be confronted with elements of wavelet theory as diagnostic radiology advances into teleradiology, PACS, and computer aided feature extraction and diagnosis [2].
  • Single radiographs from 25 patients with and 25 patients without cervical spine fractures were transmitted between two units of our teleradiology system (Dupont DTR 2000) located 5 miles apart [3].
  • The MTU was used to conduct 22 teleradiology examinations and 20 electrocardiograms were transmitted; in 10 cases still images of patients were transmitted and three consultations included tele-electroencephalography [4].
  • For different image (CR, CT, MR) and network types (LAN and ISDN) the File Transfer, Audio and Video Conference, and Co-operative Work properties were examined and compared with the literature referring to standard complete packages and dedicated teleradiology systems [5].
  • An experimental teleradiology transmission system using a high-speed ATM backbone network [6].

Biological context of Teleradiology


Associations of Teleradiology with chemical compounds

  • Teleradiology installation between the Radiology Departments of the Main Hospital Compound and the Paimio Hospital, both belonging to the Turku University Central Hospital has been in clinical use since August 1991 [8].

Gene context of Teleradiology

  • Influence of the teleradiology technology (N-ISDN and ATM) on the inter-hospital management of neurosurgical patients [9].
  • An emergency neurosurgical teleradiology system was initially installed in two referring hospitals in ireland to transmit images to the neurosurgical department in Cork [10].
  • A teleradiology link based on standard personal computers and a flat-bed CCD scanner was tested [11].
  • CONCLUSION: Simple pediatric radiographs obtained at a rural primary care institution and transmitted by teleradiology can be adequately interpreted by general radiologists [12].
  • The preliminary teleradiology interpretations were performed by a resident on duty (with between 1 and 3.5 years of training) using a commercially available teleradiology system (Vortech PDS; Kodak Health Imaging Systems Inc., Dallas, TX) at St [13].


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