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High impact information on Onygenales

  • The ubiquinone (coenzyme Q) systems were determined for 176 teleomorphic isolates, 14 anamorphic isolates, and three samples of fruit-bodies of Dendrosphaera eberhardtii, which belonged to Eurotiales, Onygenales, and related taxa [1].
  • Fifty-eight fungal taxa, including 49 members of the Arthrodermataceae, Gymnoascaceae and Onygenaceae (Order Onygenales), were assessed for keratin degradation using this method [2].
  • From our data, teleomorphs of E. parva, Paracoccidioides brasiliensis and H. farciminosum, three dimorphic fungi known only under their anamorphic states, should belong to the family of Onygenaceae and the genus Ajellomyces [3].


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