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Clinical Trials Data Monitoring Committees

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Disease relevance of Clinical Trials Data Monitoring Committees

  • RESULTS: On May 31, 2002, after a mean of 5.2 years of follow-up, the data and safety monitoring board recommended stopping the trial of estrogen plus progestin vs placebo because the test statistic for invasive breast cancer exceeded the stopping boundary for this adverse effect and the global index statistic supported risks exceeding benefits [1].

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Associations of Clinical Trials Data Monitoring Committees with chemical compounds

  • RESULTS: After a mean follow-up of 5.2 years (planned duration, 8.5 years), the data and safety monitoring board recommended terminating the estrogen-plus-progestin trial because the overall risks exceeded the benefits [7].
  • FINDINGS: The iron and folic acid-containing groups of the study were stopped early in November, 2003, on the recommendation of the data and safety monitoring board; mortality in these groups did not differ from placebo and there was low power to detect positive or negative effects by the time enrollment was completed [8].
  • The independent data and safety monitoring board recommended offering open-label emtricitabine based on the interim analysis [9].
  • The amodiaquine group was stopped early by the data and safety monitoring board [10].
  • A scheduled review by the data and safety monitoring board with the use of prespecified stopping boundaries led to a recommendation to stop the triple-nucleoside group and to present the results in the triple-nucleoside group in comparison with pooled data from the efavirenz groups [11].


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