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Chemical Compound Review

Lamprene     N,5-bis(4-chlorophenyl)-3- propan-2-ylimino...

Synonyms: Lampren, Clofazimina, clofazimine, Chlofazimine, Clofaziminum, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of Lamprene


Biological context of Lamprene


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Gene context of Lamprene

  • HPLC analyses suggested that the drugs were not significantly metabolized in the MPO-H2O2 system in the absence of Cl-. Bleaching of clofazimine was stimulated by Cl- in the MPO system, suggesting the involvement of HOCl [22].
  • Furthermore, TNF-alpha potentiates the pro-oxidative effects of clofazimine and its analogues on PMNL [24].
  • In addition, treatment of infected mice with either IFN-gamma or liposomal clofazimine significantly reduced the infection in peritoneal macrophages [25].
  • We have used a phospholipase C (PLC)-deletion mutant (plcABC) of the H37Rv strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), as well as a plcA-insertion mutant of Mycobacterium smegmatis, to investigate the possible involvement of PLCs in clofazimine-mediated inhibition of mycobacterial K(+) transport and growth [26].
  • METHODS: The ceoB and ceoC genes of MTB, which encode the TrkA proteins, CeoB and CeoC, were deleted by homologous recombination, and the double-knockout mutant and wild-type strains compared with respect to K+ uptake and growth in the presence and absence of clofazimine (0.015-2.5 mg/L) using radioassay procedures [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lamprene

  • From the perspective of the chemotherapy of MAC infections, the present findings indicate an important possibility that certain antimycobacterial drugs, such as rifamycins (RIF and RFB), INH, CLO, and also some types of fluoroquinolones, may interfere with the ROI-mediated antimicrobial mechanisms of host MPhis against intracellular MAC organisms [28].
  • After treatment for 4 weeks, the large quantities of clofazimine that had accumulated in the organs of mice seriously interfered with the enumeration of the CFU and assessment of the efficacy of the treatment [29].
  • When Clofazimine was administered to athymic mice bearing WIL as a subcutaneous xenograft, tumour growth rate was significantly reduced, so that after 3 weeks, tumour size was one third that of controls (p < 0.01) [14].
  • With the knowledge of this rare condition caused by clofazimine, appropriate management to avoid an unnecessary laparotomy is possible [30].
  • Clofazimine crystals are red in the frozen section and exhibit bright-red birefringence [30].


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