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Protein Interaction Mapping

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High impact information on Protein Interaction Mapping

  • Our fly Protein Interaction Map (PIM) is surprisingly different from the one recently proposed by Giot et al. with little overlap between the two data sets [1].
  • Our previous work highlighted the selection of phage-peptides that bind to specific isoforms of MDM2 protein and in this work we subjected the putative MDM2-binding proteins to phage-peptide display to expand further on putative protein interaction maps [2].
  • A protein-protein interaction map for H. pylori constructed from a high-throughput screen of a yeast two-hybrid assay ( revealed interactions between sigma(54) and the conserved hypothetical protein HP0958 [3].
  • The protein-protein interaction map of H. pylori, which is based on a high-throughput two-hybrid screen (Rain et al., 2001. Nature 409, 211-215) indicated a protein-protein interaction between the gene product of ORF hp137 and both the histidine kinase HP244 and the flagellar hook protein HP908 [4].
  • We developed LUMIER (for luminescence-based mammalian interactome mapping), an automated high-throughput technology, to map protein-protein interaction networks systematically in mammalian cells and applied it to the transforming growth factor-beta (TGFbeta) pathway [5].

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