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Gene Review

cheA  -  histidine kinase

Helicobacter pylori J99

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Disease relevance of cheA


High impact information on cheA

  • We found that chemotaxis in the cheW Che+ suppressor depended on both cheY and cheA [2].
  • This study demonstrates the importance of the roles of cheY1, cheY2, and cheA in motility and virulence of H. pylori [3].
  • These results indicate that the signal transduction circuit utilizing HK0164 controls the transcription of at least seven genes in H. pylori [1].
  • To identify putative members of a regulon controlled by the H. pylori sensory histidine kinase HP0164 (HK0164), we constructed HK0164 null mutant H. pylori strains and analyzed bacterial gene transcription using DNA arrays [1].
  • Furthermore, we provide evidence that the variability of the histidine kinase HP165 caused by a poly(C) tract of variable length close to the 3' end of open reading frame 165/164 does not interfere with the kinase activity of the transmitter domain of HP165 [4].

Biological context of cheA


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