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Ilex paraguariensis

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High impact information on Ilex paraguariensis

  • Yerba mate exhibits an unusually high manganese content that is readily available for hot water extraction [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: An Argentinean Ilex specie ( I. brevicuspis) has choleretic, intestinal propulsion, antioxidant activities and these results may lead to the potential development of a new "Yerba Mate" and/or phytopharmaceutical products, without central nervous system (CNS) stimulant activity [2].
  • There was a remarkable difference in the relative xanthine composition of the finely suspended material, the amount of which varied according to the yerba mate brand, the elaboration process and the temperature of the infusion [3].
  • Ilex paraguariensis (common name: 'mate' or 'yerba mate') is used for the preparation of the most popular tea-like beverage of South America. Choleretic, hypocholesteremic, antioxidant, hepatoprotective and bitter taste properties of mate are attributed to the phenolic constituents of the leaves [4].
  • In this paper, data about the buffer capacity of black tea and yerba mate supplemented with sugar or one of two artificial sweeteners (Barny diet and NutraSweet) were examined [5].


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