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European Continental Ancestry Group

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Disease relevance of European Continental Ancestry Group


High impact information on European Continental Ancestry Group

  • Advanced age, low EF, New York Heart Association class IV CHF, Caucasian race and abnormal serum creatinine, sodium, potassium and transaminase were independently associated with increased mortality [2].
  • Expression of p53 showed correlation with Caucasian race and a better, although nonsignificant, five-year survival [3].
  • Older age (p = 0.04), Caucasian race (p = 0.01), and parity (p = 0.04) in premenopausal women were significant predictors of tamoxifen acceptance on univariate analysis [4].
  • Caucasian race, smoking, psychological distress, and greater number of drinks during pregnancy predicted scores above a cutoff of 2 on the TWEAK [5].
  • In the multivariate analysis only the following factors were significant: Caucasian race, increased number of pregnancies, postmenopausal status, higher SLE Damage Index, and higher cumulative corticosteroid dose [6].

Associations of European Continental Ancestry Group with chemical compounds

  • Caucasian race and low BMI are independently associated with low serum estrogen levels in PHDW, whereas dialysis-related factors are not [7].

Gene context of European Continental Ancestry Group

  • The following factors were found to be significantly related to lower BMD by univariate analysis: Caucasian race, older age at diagnosis, higher age at the time of the first DXA, longer disease duration, higher cumulative corticosteroid dose, higher SLE Damage Index score, and postmenopausal status [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of European Continental Ancestry Group


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