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World Health Organization

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High impact information on World Health Organization

  • Weekly intakes were estimated and compared with the provisional tolerable weekly intake recommended by the Joint Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives [1].
  • Quantities of sorbic acid found in the samples treated with PS were below the Acceptable Daily Intake established by the Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization [2].
  • The mean intake of vitamin C was far below the Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization requirement of 26 +/- 2.13 (SD) mg/day) [3].
  • All samples had concentrations of DDT-derived compounds higher than the practical limit recommended by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization for DDT in cows' milk [4].

Biological context of World Health Organization


Associations of World Health Organization with chemical compounds

  • Levels of DDT residues ranged from 0.42 to 11.36 ppm and exceeded the Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization practical residue limit of 1.25 ppm in 90 percent of the samples [6].


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