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High impact information on Spondylolysis


Chemical compound and disease context of Spondylolysis

  • Seven patients had spondylolysis at C6 (three bilateral) and five had the abnormality at C4 (all unilateral) [6].

Gene context of Spondylolysis

  • Our findings illustrate that nonpenetrance for the typical features of BDC can be appreciable and that atypical skeletal features that have been reported in some patients with BDC (i.e., clubfoot, short stature, spondylolysis) may also result from CDMP-1 mutation [7].
  • 99Tcm MDP bone scans were performed in three patients, in whom 4 of 5 spondylolyses were shown to have a high uptake [8].
  • The Cohen Kappa ratio of 0.362 (95% CI: 0.198-0.526) suggests only fair agreement for the result of increased scintigraphic activity with the finding of spondylolysis on rg-CT [9].
  • The association of these cysts with trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylolysis, and kissing spinous processes also has been reported [10].


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