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Area- and lamina-specific organization of a neuronal subpopulation defined by expression of latexin in the rat cerebral cortex.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the density, laminar distribution, size, morphology, and neurotransmitter phenotype of rat cortical neurons expressing latexin, an inhibitor of carboxypeptidase A. Immunohistochemical analyses established that latexin-immunoreactive neurons are restricted essentially to the infragranular layers of lateral cortical areas in the rat. The overall density, laminar or sublaminar localization, and cell size distribution of latexin-positive neurons differed substantially across cytoarchitectonic areas within lateral cortex. Numerous latexin-positive neurons had the morphology of modified pyramidal cells especially of layer VI. The vast majority of latexin-positive neurons were glutamate-immunoreactive in the six lateral neocortical areas examined, while neurons immunoreactive for both latexin and GABA were virtually absent. Thus the majority of latexin-positive neurons are likely to be excitatory projection neurons. The area- and lamina-specific distribution of the latexin-expressing subpopulation of glutamate-immunoreactive neurons is a distinctive feature that may contribute to the functional specialization of the lateral cortical areas.[1]


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