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Asymmetric cell division of thoracic neuroblast 6-4 to bifurcate glial and neuronal lineage in Drosophila.

In the development of the Drosophila central nervous system, some of the neuroblasts designated as neuroglioblasts generate both glia and neurons. Little is known about how neuroglioblasts produce these different cell types. NB6-4 in the thoracic segment (NB6-4T) is a neuroglioblast, although the corresponding cell in the abdominal segment (NB6-4A) produces only glia. Here, we describe the cell divisions in the NB6-4T lineage, following changes in cell number and cell arrangement. We also examined successive changes in the expression of glial cells missing ( gcm) mRNA and protein, activity of which is known to direct glial fate from the neuronal default state. The first cell division of NB6-4T occurred in the medial-lateral orientation, and was found to bifurcate the glial and neuronal lineage. After division, the medial daughter cell expressed GCM protein to produce three glial cells, while the lateral daughter cell with no GCM expression produced ganglion mother cells, secondary precursors of neurons. Although gcm mRNA was present evenly in the cytoplasm of NB6-4T before the first cell division, it became detected asymmetrically in the cell during mitosis and eventually only in the medial daughter cell. In contrast, NB6-4A showed a symmetrical distribution of gcm mRNA and GCM protein through division. Our observations suggest that mechanisms regulating gcm mRNA expression and its translation play an important role in glial and neuronal lineage bifurcation that results from asymmetric cell division.[1]


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