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Host genes that affect the target-site distribution of the yeast retrotransposon Ty1.

We report here a simple genetic system for investigating factors affecting Ty1 target-site preference within an RNAP II transcribed gene. The target in this system is a functional fusion of the regulatable MET3 promoter with the URA3 gene. We found that the simultaneous inactivation of Hir3 (a histone transcription regulator) and Cac3 (a subunit of the chromatin assembly factor I), which was previously shown by us to increase the Ty1 transposition rate, eliminated the normally observed bias for Ty1 elements to insert into the 5' vs. 3' regions of the MET3-URA3 and CAN1 genes. The double cac3 hir3 mutation also caused the production of a short transcript from the MET3-URA3 fusion under both repressed and derepressed conditions. In a hir3Delta single-mutant strain, the Ty1 target-site distribution into MET3-URA3 was altered only when transposition occurred while the MET3-URA3 fusion was actively transcribed. In contrast, transcription of the MET3-URA3 fusion did not alter the Ty1 target-site distribution in wild-type or other mutant strains. Deletion of RAD6 was shown to alter the Ty1 target-site preference in the MET3-URA3 fusion and the LYS2 gene. These data, together with previous studies of Ty1 integration positions at CAN1 and SUP4, indicate that the rad6 effect on Ty1 target-site selection is not gene specific.[1]


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