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The Arabidopsis HAL2-like gene family includes a novel sodium-sensitive phosphatase.

The yeast HAL2 gene encodes a lithium- and sodium-sensitive phosphatase that hydrolyses 3'-phosphoadenosine-5'-phosphate ( PAP). Salt toxicity in yeast results from Hal2 inhibition and accumulation of PAP, which inhibits sulphate assimilation and RNA processing. We have investigated whether the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana contains sodium-sensitive PAP phosphatases. The Arabidopsis HAL2-like gene family is composed of three members: AtAHL and AtSAL2, characterized in the present work, and the previously identified AtSAL1. The AtAHL and AtSAL2 cDNAs complement the auxotrophy for methionine of the yeast hal2 mutant and the recombinant proteins catalyse the conversion of PAP to AMP in a Mg(2+)-dependent reaction sensitive to inhibition by Ca2+ and Li+. The PAP phosphatase activity of AtAHL is sensitive to physiological concentrations of Na+, whereas the activities of AtSAL1 and AtSAL2 are not. Another important difference is that AtAHL is very specific for PAP while AtSAL1 and AtSAL2 also act as inositol polyphosphate 1-phosphatases. AtAHL constitutes a novel type of sodium-sensitive PAP phosphatase which could act co-ordinately with plant sulphotransferases and serve as target of salt toxicity in plants.[1]


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