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Adenoviral vectors expressing lymphotactin and interleukin 2 or lymphotactin and interleukin 12 synergize to facilitate tumor regression in murine breast cancer models.

We have previously demonstrated that intratumoral injection with Ad vectors expressing IL-2 or IL-12 can induce regression in a murine breast cancer model. These IL-2- or IL-12-induced antitumor responses were mainly mediated by Ag-specific T cells. Lymphotactin is a novel lymphocyte chemokine that can cause local accumulation of CD4+, CD8+, and NK cells. We hypothesized that addition of lymphotactin may enhance the antitumor immune responses induced by locally produced IL-2 and IL-12 as we have previously shown. To this end we constructed two double-recombinant adenoviral vectors expressing lymphotactin along with either IL-2 (Ad5 Lym/IL-2) or IL-12 (Ad5 Lym/IL-12). Subcutaneous injection of polyoma middle T (PyMT) or Neu (8142) transgenically derived breast adenocarcinoma cells, in the hind flank of FVB/n mice, results in the formation of tumor nodules in 14-21 days. We show that these constructs elicit potent antitumor responses when administered intratumorally. The antitumor responses are long lasting as determined by rechallenge experiments and hence demonstrate a protective immunity. These observations indicate that by augmenting the antitumor response with adenoviral vectors expressing lymphotactin in combination with IL-2 or IL-12 is a novel way to enhance immunotherapeutic approaches.[1]


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