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Injections, Subcutaneous

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  • Single subcutaneous injections of 50 microng of protamine zinc somatostatin raised preprandial blood glucose levels to 83+/-3 mg per deciliter for four to five days although preprandial hormone levels were unchanged [31].
  • Tumor hemorrhagic necrosis and regression failed to occur in mice that were given a subcutaneous injection of cortisone acetate or dexamethasone 12 h before being giving endotoxin [32].
  • However, mice given a single subcutaneous injection of 30 micrograms 115 kD glycoprotein in saline were completely protected against lethal challenges of HSV-I administered intraperitoneally or in the footpad 7 d after immunization [33].
  • Subcutaneous injection of p17 (a peptide consisting of 17 NH2-terminal aminoacids of MBP) in complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) causes paralysis [34].
  • To test this possibility in vivo, rats (group 2) were given a 4% calcium (in the form of CaCO3) supplemented diet to increase delivery of Ca++ to the kidney and administered single daily subcutaneous injections of gentamicin, 100 mg/kg, for 10 d [35].

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