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Effects of continuous infusion of PTH on experimental tooth movement in rats.

Development of new methods for accelerating orthodontic tooth movement has been strongly desired for shortening of the treatment period. The rate of orthodontic tooth movement is dependent on the rate of bone resorption occurring in the compressed periodontium in the direction of orthodontic force applied to the tooth. In the present study, we examined the effects of continuous infusion of parathyroid hormone ( PTH) on tooth movement. Male rats weighing 350-400 g were treated with subcutaneous of vehicle or hPTH(1-84) at 1-10 micrograms/100 g of body weight/day. When the upper right first molar (M1) was moved mesially for 72 h by the insertion of an elastic band between the first and second molars, M1 movement was accelerated by PTH infusion at 10 micrograms. PTH infusion caused a 2- to 3-fold increase in the number of osteoclasts in the compressed periodontium of M1, indicating that such treatment accelerated tooth movement by enhancing bone resorptive activity induced in the compressed periodontium. When M1 was moved mesially by an orthodontic coil spring ligated between upper incisors and M1 for 12 days, PTH(1-84) infusion at 10 micrograms caused a 2-fold increase in the rate of M1 movement. PTH(1-34) infusion at 4 micrograms had an effect comparable to that of PTH(1-84). However, intermittent injection of PTH(1-34) did not accelerate M1 movement. PTH infusion for 13 days did not affect either bone mineral measurements or the serum calcium level. These findings suggest that continuous administration of PTH is applicable to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement.[1]


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