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Boophilus microplus: characterization of enzymes introduced into the host.

A number of enzymes, presumably secreted by larvae of B. microplus under natural feeding conditions, have been investigated in the skin of previously unexposed calves 4 h after infestation at the attachment site. Carboxylic ester hydrolase activity was demonstrated in the dermis, immediately adjacent to the mouthparts, or in the attachment cone, depending on substrate and reaction pH. The carboxylic ester hydrolase acting on naphthol AS-D acetate (2-acetoxy-3-naphthoic-O-toluidide) at pH 7-1 was characteristically found in the dermis and not in the attachment cone. The use of specific inhibitors showed that this enzyme was primarily a B-esterase or carboxylesterase with possibly a small portion of C-esterase or acetylesterase. It is postulated that carboxylic ester hydrolase could contribute to the dilation observed in the subepidermal capillaries adjacent to the attachment sites of unexposed animals, through the formation of plasma kinins. Other enzymes demonstrated in the dermis, adjacent to the mouthparts, were triacylglycerol lipase, as an aggregated deposit, and small amounts of aminopeptidase (microsomal) and monophenol monooxygenase. Aminopeptidase (microsomal) was also demonstrated in the attachment cone or adjacent epidermis, according to the substrate used. No activity was found in the host tissue, in association with the attachment site, for either alkaline or acid phosphatase, acetylcholinesterase or cholinesterase, peroxidase or amine oxidase (flavin-containing), despite the intense histochemical reaction for the latter in the tissues of larvae.[1]


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