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Perturbation of RET signaling in the embryonic kidney.

We have used a RET-Ig fusion protein to disrupt signaling in the rat embryonic kidney development pathway. Treatment of embryonic kidney organ cultures with RET-Ig results in a decrease in branching of the ureteric bud and a down regulation in expression of the Wnt-11, Wnt-4, and ld genes. These data suggest that Wnt-11, Wnt-4, and ld function downstream of RET signaling in normal development. Expression of BMP-7, shh, and ptc were uneffected by RET-Ig treatment, implying that these genes are regulated independently of ret. We have also performed immunohistochemistry with a GFR alpha-1 specific polyclonal antisera to localize GFR alpha-1 protein expression in the developing kidney.[1]


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