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Expression of telomerase subunits and localization of telomerase activation in hydatidiform mole.

Activation of telomerase compensating for the loss of telomeres has been implicated in human cell immortalization and carcinogenesis. Telomeric repeat amplification protocol (TRAP) assay can be used to detect telomerase activity in a variety of malignant tumours, including those of the female reproductive tract which have been found to have high levels of telomerase activity. However, it is unclear whether all the cells or only a subset of cells within a tumour have telomerase activity. To determine the regulation mechanism of telomerase activity in hydatidiform moles, we studied telomerase activity at the single cell level (using an in situ TRAP assay), and expression of TLP1 (telomerase protein 1), TERC (telomerase RNA component) and TERT (telomerase reverse transcriptase component). Expression of TERC and TLP1 was observed in all normal chorionic villi, as well as in trophoblastic diseases, and various cell lines irrespective of telomerase activity. TERT expression was observed in trophoblastic diseases and normal chorionic villi with telomerase activity but not in normal chorionic villi without telomerase activity, except in some cases in the present series, indicating that TERT expression is closely associated with telomerase activity. Upregulation of TERT expression may thus play an important role in telomerase reactivation.[1]


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