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A gene for inherited cutaneous venous anomalies ("glomangiomas") localizes to chromosome 1p21-22.

Venous malformations (VMs) are localized defects of vascular morphogenesis. They can occur in every organ system, most commonly in skin and muscle. They can cause pain and bleeding, and in some critical locations they can be life threatening. Usually venous anomalies occur sporadically, but families with dominant inheritance have been identified. Using linkage analysis, we have established in earlier reports that some families with inherited VMs show linkage to chromosome 9p21; the mutation causes ligand-independent activation of an endothelial cell-specific receptor tyrosine kinase, TIE-2. Here we show that VMs with glomus cells (known as "glomangiomas"), inherited as an autosomal dominant trait in five families, are not linked to 9p21 but, instead, link to a new locus, on 1p21-p22, called "VMGLOM" (LOD score 12.70 at recombination fraction.00). We exclude three known positional candidate genes, DR1 (depressor of transcription 1), TGFBR3 (transforming growth factor-beta receptor, type 3), and TFA (tissue factor). We hypothesize that cutaneous venous anomalies (i.e., glomangiomas) are caused by mutations in a novel gene that may act to regulate angiogenesis, in concert with the TIE-2 signaling pathway.[1]


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