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Design and evaluation of nitrosylated alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonists as potential agents for the treatment of impotence.

We designed and evaluated a new class of molecules, nitrosylated alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonists, as potential agents for the treatment of impotence. In in vitro studies with human and rabbit corpus cavernosum strips in organ chambers, the alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonists (alpha-ARAs) moxisylyte and yohimbine and their corresponding nitrosylated compounds, SNO-moxisylyte (NMI-221) and SNO-yohimbine (NMI-187), concentration-dependently relaxed endothelin-induced contraction. The nitrosylated compounds were significantly more potent than the parent alpha-ARA. In human tissues, the specific phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor zaprinast potentiated the relaxing effects of the nitrosylated compounds. Only nitrosylated compounds induced accumulation of cyclic GMP in rabbit corpus cavernosum strips. Yohimbine and NMI-187 demonstrated a potent alpha2-blocking activity, with no significant differences in pA2 values (8.9 versus 8.2, respectively). Moxisylyte and NMI-221 showed moderate potency in antagonizing phenylephrine contraction, with comparable pA2 values for both molecules (6.5 versus 6.6, respectively). alpha-Adrenergic receptor-binding studies showed similar binding affinities for the alpha-ARA and their corresponding nitrosylated compounds. In vivo, intracavernosal injection of nitrosylated molecules caused greater increases in intracavernosal pressure (NMI-221 versus moxisylyte) that were more long lasting than those of moxisylyte or yohimbine. There were no significant differences between nitrosylated and non-nitrosylated compounds in the magnitude of systemic mean arterial pressure decrease after intracavernosal injection. alpha-ARA and the nitrosylated compounds showed no pain-inducing activity as evaluated with the paw-lick model in mice. In summary, nitrosylated alpha-ARA have the dual functionalities of nitric oxide donors and alpha-ARA. These drugs induced penile erection in animals, suggesting their possible therapeutic value as agents for the local pharmacological treatment of impotence.[1]


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