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Using flavoxate as primary medication for patients suffering from urge symptomatology.

A drug utilization observation study collected data on a total of 1800 patients given flavoxate (Spasuret 200) over 2 weeks for urge incontinence. Efficacy and tolerance parameters were determined. A subgroup of 618 patients without urinary tract infections or benign prostatic hyperplasia were treated with flavoxate only. The subgroup (n = 618) showed a reduction of dysuria (37%), nocturia (53%), and both daytime (61%) and nighttime urge (69%). Bladder volume at first urge sensation increased by 55.1+/-58.8 ml (36%), which was comparable to data from the entire group (1800 patients). In 89.2% of all patients the residual urine volume was stable or decreased. Undesirable side effects occurred in 1.8% of cases. Both groups showed better results with flavoxate four times daily (800 mg), compared to three times daily (600 mg). Flavoxate is effective and well tolerated and causes no additional problems due to residual urine or side effects.[1]


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