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HLA-B*4703: sequence confirmation, serology and distribution.

This study has confirmed the nucleotide sequence of exons 2 and 3 of the B*4703 allele, discovered by an unusual HLA-B47 and Bw6 serological pattern, in two subjects of Black/Japanese and Caribbean Black descent. Titration studies on 25 HLA-B47 cross-reactive sera, stimulated by B13, B27, B44 and B60, and nine Bw6 antisera/monoclonal antibodies, showed that the B*4703 product can be distinguished from the established HLA-B47 specificity. The phenotypes of these donors and an International Cell Exchange donor suggests an association between B*4703 and Cw*0701/ 06 in Black subjects. No examples of B*4703 (or B*4702) were found in 10,194 PCR-SSP HLA-A,B typed Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Registry panel members indicating a phenotype frequency of <0.0098% in this primarily Northern European Caucasoid population.[1]


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