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Production of homo- and hetero-dimeric isozymes from two aldehyde oxidase genes of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Polyclonal antibodies were raised against synthetic peptides or recombinant polypeptides encoded by Arabidopsis atAO-1 and atAO-2 cDNAs, which have sequences similar to maize and animal aldehyde oxidase (AO) cDNAs. Anti-atAO-1 antibodies recognized AOalpha and AObeta among the three isoforms, AOalpha, AObeta, and AOgamma, detected in Arabidopsis seedlings after native PAGE, while anti-atAO-2 antibodies reacted with AObeta and AOgamma. The polypeptide specifically recognized by each antibody was collected as the Protein-A/IgG/antigen complex. The 150- and 145-kDa polypeptides were purified by SDS-PAGE and digested with Achromobacter Protease I. From the amino acid sequences and molecular masses of the derivative peptides, it was revealed that the 150- and 145-kDa polypeptides were the products of atAO-1 and atAO-2, respectively. Molecular masses of the native forms of AOalpha, AObeta, and AOgamma were estimated as approximately 290-300 kDa. These results suggest that AOalpha and AOgamma are homodimers consisting of atAO-1 and atAO-2 products, respectively, and that AObeta is a heterodimer of the atAO-1 and atAO-2 products.[1]


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