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Gene Review

AO1  -  aldehyde oxidase 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on AAO1


Biological context of AAO1

  • The two corresponding full-length cDNAs (atAO-1 and atAO-2; 4,484 and 4,228 bp long, respectively) were cloned by screening the Arabidopsis cDNA library followed by rapid amplification of cDNA end-PCR [5].
  • From the amino acid sequences and molecular masses of the derivative peptides, it was revealed that the 150- and 145-kDa polypeptides were the products of atAO-1 and atAO-2, respectively [6].

Associations of AAO1 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of AAO1

  • We have concluded that AAO3 is the AAO that plays a major role in ABA biosynthesis in Arabidopsis seeds as well as in leaves [4].


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