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Cloning of bovine estrogen receptor beta (ERbeta): expression of novel deleted isoforms in reproductive tissues.

cDNAs coding for bovine estrogen receptor beta (ERbeta) isoforms were cloned from bovine granulosa cells using a combination of several RT-PCR strategies. The cloned full-length receptor contains an open reading frame of 474 amino acids encoding a protein with high homology to the ERbeta sequences from other species. A second isoform nearly totally lacking the ligand binding domain was cloned that is expressed to relatively high levels in reproductive tissues. Expression of both ERbeta isoforms is down-regulated in corpus luteum and endometrium during the luteal phase of the female cycle. In addition, in granulosa cells several ERbeta isoforms carrying major internal deletions were detected by RT-PCR and cloned. Transient transfection studies expressing the two major bovine ERbeta isoforms together with an ERE reporter construct show estrogen-dependent transactivation by the full-length isoform, whereas the isoform lacking the ligand binding domain did not show any transactivation.[1]


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