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The use of hyperbaric oxygen in urology.

PURPOSE: We review the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in urology, and present the mechanisms of hyperoxia action in whole body hyperbaric chamber treatments, patient outcomes and patient selection criteria. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The literature on hyperbaric oxygen use in urology was reviewed. RESULTS: Hyperbaric oxygen is a treatment alternative for patients with an underlying ischemic process unresponsive to conventional therapy. Specific factors which may influence patient selection of hyperbaric oxygen include cancer and absolute contraindications of active viral disease, intercurrent pneumothorax and treatment with doxorubicin or cisplatin. This technique is particularly useful in the treatment of intractable hemorrhagic cystitis secondary to pelvic radiation therapy. Further investigation of the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen is warranted for patients with necrotizing fasciitis (Fournier's gangrene), posttraumatic ischemic injury and/or impaired wound healing. CONCLUSIONS: Hyperbaric oxygen is a therapeutic alternative which complements the surgical and medical options for select patients.[1]


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