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  • It is important for pathologists to be aware of this rare cause of spontaneous pneumothorax because BHD can radiographically simulate other causes of pulmonary cysts and the lung and pleura may be the initial sites of involvement [21].
  • We studied the changes in the concentration of adenine nucleotides as markers of injury in the intact rabbit lung after pulmonary artery occlusion in the presence and absence of pneumothorax [22].
  • Vocal cord paralysis due to pneumothorax in a patient with COPD [23].
  • Idiopathic spontaneous pneumothorax causes a time-related rise in the eosinophil percentage in the pleural space, which correlates with the level of IL-5 [24].
  • There appears to be a place for the use of tolazoline in a severely hypoxaemic infant with hyaline membrane disease who is being ventilated and in whom arterial oxygenation cannot be improved by further increase in the inspired oxygen concentration or by alteration of ventilator settings, provided pneumothorax has been excluded [25].

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