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Interleukin 1beta protects mice from Fas-mediated hepatocyte apoptosis and death.

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Fas-mediated apoptosis is one of the major death processes of hepatocytes in liver diseases. The aim of this study was to determine whether interleukin (IL)-1beta regulates the Fas-mediated apoptotic process of differentiated hepatocytes in vivo. METHODS: IL-1beta was injected into Balb/cA mice 5 hours before lethal challenge with agonistic anti-Fas administration. Survival and hepatocyte apoptotic process of these mice were examined. RESULTS: IL-1beta pretreatment prolonged animal survival in a dose-dependent manner, and 500 ng of IL-1beta completely protected mice from lethality. Both serum alanine aminotransferase value and hepatic DNA fragmentation were significantly suppressed by IL-1beta pretreatment. IL-1beta affected neither hepatic distribution of anti-Fas antibody nor Fas expression levels on hepatocytes but significantly suppressed Fas- induced activation of hepatic caspase 3-like protease. Suppression of Fas- induced activation of the caspase by IL-1beta was diminished by coadministration with D-galactosamine and reversed by coinjection with an excess amount of uridine. CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that IL-1beta suppresses Fas- mediated hepatocyte apoptosis by inducing molecule(s) that suppress the apoptosis control machinery upstream of caspase 3. This observation raises the possibility that IL-1beta acts as a negative regulator of Fas-mediated hepatocyte apoptosis during liver injury.[1]


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