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MRI measurement of cell volume fraction in the perfused rat hippocampal slice.

T(1)-weighted NMR imaging of the isolated perfused rat hippo-campal slice was used to estimate cell volume fraction. Eight brain slices were studied in artificial cerebrospinal fluid (aCSF) using a 600 MHz narrow bore spectrometer and a home built perfusion chamber. Cell volume fraction was calculated as 1 - f(ECS), where f(ECS) is the distribution volume of gadodiamide in the slice. This was determined by measuring the T(1) of the slice before and after perfusion with gadodiamde. A mean cell volume fraction of 0.66 +/- 0. 04 was estimated. The addition of 60 mM mannitol to three of the brain slices produced a 26% decrease in the cell volume fraction. The technique affords a simple means of estimating cell volume fraction and can be extended to produce images reflecting cell density. Magn Reson Med 42:603-607, 1999.[1]


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