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Male polyurethane condoms do not enhance brief HIV-STD risk reduction interventions for heterosexually active men: results from a randomized test of concept.

The current study examined the effects of a brief HIV risk reduction intervention for men. Participants were recruited (n = 108) from an urban public health clinic and randomly assigned to one of 3 experimental intervention conditions: (1) 3 h HIV-STD risk reduction behavioural skills building latex condom intervention; (2) the same 3 h skills workshop but focused on male polyurethane condoms; or (3) a 3 h HIV education workshop. Results showed all 3 interventions increased AIDS knowledge and positively influenced attitudes, but men who received the polyurethane condom skills intervention were more likely to request condoms at follow ups. In addition, men who received either of the 2 skills interventions evidenced increased condom use at the one-month follow up, with no differences at 3-month follow up. This study is among the first to test a brief HIV risk reduction intervention for men and is the first to test whether polyurethane male condoms enhance HIV risk reduction efforts.[1]


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