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Adverse effects of diphenyltin dichloride on initiation and maintenance of pregnancy in rats.

The objective of this study was to characterize the adverse effects of diphenyltin dichloride (DPTCl) during early pregnancy. Following successful mating, female rats were given DPTCl by gastric intubation at 0, 4.1, 8.3, 16.5, 24.8 or 33.0 mg/kg on days 0-3 or days 4-7 of pregnancy. Female rats were sacrificed on day 20 of pregnancy and pregnancy outcome was determined. The pregnancy rate was significantly decreased after administration of DPTCl on days 0-3 at 24.8 mg/kg and on days 4-7 at 33.0 mg/kg. The incidence of preimplantation loss was significantly increased after administration on days 0-3 at 16.5 mg/kg and above and on days 4-7 at 33.0 mg/kg. In females having implantations, the numbers of implantations and live fetuses and the incidences of pre- and postimplantation loss in the groups given DPTCl on days 0-3 were comparable to the controls. The incidence of postimplantation loss was significantly increased after administration of DPTCl on days 4-7 at 33.0 mg/kg. A pair-feeding study revealed no evidence of pre- and postimplantation embryolethality induced by food restriction. It could be concluded that DPTCl during early pregnancy causes early embryonic loss and DPTCl has greater effects on reproduction when administered during earlier than later stages of blastogenesis.[1]


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