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Reduced nucleotide variability at an androgen-binding protein locus (Abpa) in house mice: evidence for positive natural selection.

Previous work has shown that the gene for the alpha subunit of androgen-binding protein, Abpa, may be involved in premating isolation between different subspecies of the house mouse, Mus musculus. We investigated patterns of DNA sequence variation at Abpa within and between species of mice to test several predictions of a model of neutral molecular evolution. Intraspecific variation among 10 Mus musculus domesticus alleles was compared with divergence between M. m. domesticus and M. caroli for Abpa and two X-linked genes, Glra2 and Amg. No variation was observed at Abpa within M. m. domesticus. The ratio of polymorphism to divergence was significantly lower at Abpa than at Glra2 and Amg, despite the fact that all three genes experience similar rates of recombination. Interspecific comparisons among M. m. domesticus, Mus musculus musculus, Mus musculus castaneus, Mus spretus, Mus spicilegus, and Mus caroli revealed that the ratio of nonsynonymous substitutions to synonymous substitutions on a per-site basis (Ka/Ks) was generally greater than one. The combined observations of no variation at Abpa within M. m: domesticus and uniformly high Ka/Ks values between species suggest that positive directional selection has acted recently at this locus.[1]


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