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Non-absorption of ingested lipophilic and amphiphilic allelochemicals by generalist grasshoppers: the role of extractive ultrafiltration by the peritrophic envelope.

The role of the peritrophic envelope in the non-absorption of three allelochemicals ingested by generalist grasshoppers was examined. This study tested the hypothesis that the association of lipophilic and amphiphilic allelochemicals with lipid aggregates (mixed micelles) reduces their permeability through the peritrophic envelope, a process similar to extractive ultrafiltration. Each of three allelochemicals (digitoxin, ouabain, and xanthotoxin) were solubilized in a lysolecithin suspension and injected separately into the midgut lumens of adult Melanoplus sanguinipes (Orthoptera: Acrididae). The low permeability of digitoxin through the peritrophic envelope was consistent with the extractive ultrafiltration of this compound. By comparison, ouabain and xanthotoxin permeability coefficients were 7- and 12-fold higher, respectively, than those of digitoxin. The results of extractive ultrafiltration assays confirmed that digitoxin is effectively extracted in lysolecithin micelles, but that neither ouabain nor xanthotoxin aggregates efficiently with these micelles.[1]


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