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Acceptability of once-a-month injectable contraceptives Cyclofem and Mesigyna: focus group discussion.

This article presents the results of focus group discussion sessions conducted with a sample of continuers and discontinuers of the once-a-month injectable contraceptives Cyclofem and Mesigyna, as well as with some of the physicians who participated in the clinical trial. The sessions helped explain certain aspects related to the clients as well as the service delivery setting that affected the acceptability of these contraceptive preparations. Providing counseling and presence of a dedicated clinic staff were very essential to the success of the clinical trial. Social support in the form of both husband knowledge, approval, and support as well as the presence of other close relative or friend users helped in increasing the woman's tolerance of side effects and sometimes helped overcome adverse rumors. Reaction of the women to vaginal bleeding in an Islamic society is discussed and the need for health education in this aspect is strongly recommended. The two preparations are best suited for women who were satisfied with the use of combined hormonal contraceptive pills but had a problem with compliance, and users of other hormonal methods who are free from menstrual irregularities. On the whole, the two preparations had high acceptability among Egyptian women, provided that procedures for the selection of the appropriate candidate are adhered to, and that pre- and postservice counseling and social support are present.[1]


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