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Genomic organisation of the human cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase PDE4C gene and its chromosomal localisation to 19p13.1, between RAB3A and JUND.

PDE4C is one of four mammalian genes that encode multiple PDE4 cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase isoforms that are inhibited by rolipram. Fluorescent in situ hybridisation localised PDE4C to the p13.1 region of human chromosome 19. Overlapping cosmid clones spanning the human PDE4C gene were identified and characterised. Analysis of this locus indicated that the PDE4C gene spans at least 38 kb, consists of at least 18 exons, and contains the marker D19S212 within an intron. Comparison of published human PDE4C cDNA sequences with those of the genomic DNA identified four alternatively spliced exons and the possibility that the PDE4C locus contains at least three alternative promoters. PDE4C-containing cosmids also contained the genes for the growth regulatory transcription factor, JUND, and the mini guanine nucleotide regulatory protein, RAB3A. The RAB3A gene was shown to consist of 5 exons spanning 7.9 kb, while the JUND gene was found to contain no introns. Analysis of cosmids containing PDE4C, JUND, and RAB3A showed that 27 kb separate JUND and PDE4C, while only 3.7 kb separate PDE4C and RAB3A. The three genes share the same orientation of transcription and are arranged in the order cen- 5'- JUND-PDE4C-RAB3A-3'-tel.[1]


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