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Sevoflurane versus propofol for induction and maintenance of anaesthesia with the laryngeal mask airway in children.

We compared patient outcomes for propofol vs sevoflurane with the laryngeal mask airway (LMA) using either spontaneous breathing (SB) or pressure controlled ventilation (PCV). One hundred and twenty children undergoing minor surgery below the umbilicus were randomly assigned to receive either (1) propofol 3 followed by a maintenance infusion of 5, or (2) induction with sevoflurane 7% followed by maintenance with 1.7%. Following LMA insertion, patients were given atracurium and underwent PCV if surgery was expected to last > or = 30 min. The following assessments were made: time to LMA insertion/removal, airway problems, cardiorespiratory effects and recovery characteristics. The first time insertion success rates were similar, but insertion time was shorter with sevoflurane (115 +/- 67 s vs 252 +/- 107 s, P < 0.0001). One patient coughed during placement, but there were no other problems during any phase of anaesthesia in any group. Heart rate was higher in the sevoflurane group following insertion, during maintenance and emergence (all P < 0.03). There were no differences in blood pressure and oxygen saturation among groups PECO2 in the SB group was unaffected by the agent used. Emergence was more rapid (232 +/- 104 s vs 348 +/- 127 s, P < 0.0001) and postoperative agitation more common (15% vs 0%, P = 0.02) with sevoflurane. There were no differences in the Aldrete scores among groups. Patient outcome was similar for the SB and PCV groups. We concluded that the techniques described here using propofol and sevoflurane are equally suitable for induction and maintenance of anaesthesia with the LMA in children undergoing minor surgery below the umbilicus. Emergence is more rapid, but postoperative agitation more common with sevoflurane.[1]


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