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Induction of E-selectin expression by double-stranded RNA and TNF-alpha is attenuated in murine aortic endothelial cells derived from double-stranded RNA-activated kinase (PKR)-null mice.

The adherence of leukocytes on the endothelium is mediated in part by the transient expression of the E-selectin adhesion molecule. Because we have previously shown that the dsRNA-activated kinase PKR mediates dsRNA induction of NF-kappaB, we used murine aortic endothelial (MuAE) cells isolated from wild-type and PKR-null mice to investigate the role of PKR in the induction of E-selectin expression by dsRNA (pIC) and TNF-alpha. E-selectin mRNA and protein expression was inducible by both pIC and TNF-alpha in wild-type MuAE cells, whereas induction of E-selectin expression by these agents was defective in PKR-null MuAE cells. Induction of E-selectin promoter activity and NF-kappaB DNA binding activity were substantially reduced in pIC- or TNF-alpha-treated PKR-null cells, indicating a role for PKR in both pIC and TNF-alpha induction of E-selectin via an NF-kappaB-dependent pathway. In PKR-null cells, pIC-mediated degradation of IkappaBbeta is deficient. Activation of this pathway requires the PKR-dependent degradation of the IkappaBbeta protein. Moreover, both phosphorylated and unphosphorylated activating transcription factor 2 DNA- binding activities were reduced in PKR-null aortic endothelial cells. These results indicate that the PKR is required for full activation of E-selectin expression by pIC and TNF-alpha in primary mouse aortic endothelial cells identifying activating transcription factor 2 as a new target for PKR-dependent regulation and suggest a role for PKR in leukocyte adhesion.[1]


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