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Gene Review

Nfkbib  -  nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: I-kappa-B-beta, IKB-beta, IKappaBbeta, IkB, IkB-B, ...
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Disease relevance of Nfkbib


High impact information on Nfkbib

  • The knock-in mice do not express IkappaBalpha, but express a T7-tagged IkappaBbeta under the promoter and regulatory sequence of ikba [5].
  • IkappaBalpha and IkappaBbeta possess injury context-specific functions that uniquely influence hepatic NF-kappaB induction and inflammation [6].
  • Chemical cross-linking and coimmunoprecipitation show that NFkappaB/Rel factor-bound IkappaBbeta forms a ternary complex with Cn under in vitro and in vivo conditions that was sensitive to FK506 [7].
  • Results show that phosphorylation at S313 and S315 from the COOH-terminal PEST domain of IkappaBbeta is critical for binding to Cn [7].
  • Mitochondria to nucleus stress signaling: a distinctive mechanism of NFkappaB/Rel activation through calcineurin-mediated inactivation of IkappaBbeta [7].

Biological context of Nfkbib


Anatomical context of Nfkbib


Associations of Nfkbib with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Nfkbib


Other interactions of Nfkbib

  • Mutations at S313/S315 of IkappaBbeta abolished Cn binding, inhibited Cn-mediated increase of Rel proteins in the nucleus, and had a dominant-negative effect on the mitochondrial stress-induced expression of RyR1 and cathepsin L genes [7].
  • Activation of this pathway requires the PKR-dependent degradation of the IkappaBbeta protein [20].
  • When the effect of pro-inflammatory cytokines was investigated, tumor necrosis factor alpha, but not interleukin-1 or interferon-gamma, promoted an important degradation of IkappaBbeta followed by an increase in the mRNA at 1 h [13].
  • Moreover, treatment of extracts of resynthesized IkappaBbeta with alkaline phosphatase resulted in the accumulation of the protein of slightly higher electrophoretic mobility, indicating the prevalence of a rapid phosphorylation of the newly synthesized IkappaBbeta [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nfkbib


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