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Assembly of the exogenous extracellular matrix during basement membrane formation by alveolar epithelial cells in vitro.

We found that immortalized alveolar type II epithelial cells (SV40-T2 cells) that were cultured on dense fibrillar collagen supplemented with Matrigel gel formed a thin and continuous lamina densa beneath them. Immunohistochemical analysis of laminin-1, type IV collagen, entactin (nidogen) and perlecan in the culture indicated that all these components were integrated into a sheet structure of basement membrane beneath the cells. Analysis of the temporal and spatial distribution of the basement membrane macromolecules revealed that the initial deposits of laminin-1 and entactin were significantly greater in area in the presence of Matrigel. These globular deposits and the coarse mesh of basement membrane macromolecules developed into a flat membranous basement membrane. In the absence of Matrigel, the SV40-T2 cells failed to form a continuous lamina densa, and the deposits stayed in the coarse mesh. The major biotinylated Matrigel components that were integrated into the basement membrane were laminin-1 and entactin. Furthermore, SV40-T2 cells supplemented with exogenous laminin-1 alone as well as laminin-1 contaminated with entactin formed a continuous lamina densa. These results indicate that the laminin-1 and entactin supplied from the Matrigel were incorporated into a basement membrane beneath the SV40-T2 cells, and contributed to the formation of basement membrane. Therefore, we concluded that the alveolar epithelial cells synthesize laminin-1, entactin, type IV collagen, and perlecan, but that they also needed to assemble exogenous laminin-1 into the basement membrane to complete its formation in vitro.[1]


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